The service was created by freshideas.ie - a web development company located in Ireland. We create a lot of Wordpress sites and it was getting very cumbersome to manage all the updates. We created the service to help us manage our own sites; it worked well so we decided to open it up to other users.

Yes! We built the service with security as the main feature. We do not store your login details or any other passwords or sensitive data. The way the system works is you add our plugin to your site. The plugin creates an xml file that lists any out of date app versions, plugins or themes. Our system reads this xml file and displays the data on your dashboard.  All your sites stay independent and isolated.

Here is an example of the data we write to the xml file:

<wp installed_version="3.6" latest_version="3.6.1" url="http://www.mysite.com">My Site</wp>
<plugin slug="easy-fancybox" installed_version="1.5.2" latest_version="1.5.5" url="http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-fancybox/">Easy FancyBox</plugin>
<plugin slug="jetpack" installed_version="2.3.5" latest_version="2.4.2" url="http://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/">Jetpack by WordPress.com</plugin>

As you can see no login or any other sensitive information is recorded. As an extra security step we even generate a unique file name for the xml file so it can not be easily browsed. The plugin code is also open source so you can view it here.

At the moment we only support Wordpress but we have plans to support other systems like Joomla, Prestashop etc. Sign up for our newsletter or like our Facebook page to be kept up to date with new features.

While we are in BETA the service is free. We have no idea yet what business model we will go for. We thought it was better to put the service out there and see what reaction we get from users. If we do bring in any charges we will give people at least one month's notice. We will probably always have a free plan. The most likely scenerio is the service will stay free but you can pay for extra features.